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BlueGurt By Fuggin Vapor E Liquid

BlueGurt By Fuggin Vapor E Liquid

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Do you crave nothing more than delicious fruit poured over creamy yogurt each morning? If so, you're in for a treat. Bluegurt vape juice from Fuggin Ejuice delivers that tangy and smooth yogurt flavor with the addition of sweet blueberries. Freshly picked ripe blueberries smothered in a creamy bowl of yogurt. It's so good it'll have you running for the yogurt isle at the grocery store!

As you inhale Bluegurt vape juice, the flavor of freshly-picked blueberries will tingle on your taste buds. Then, as you exhale, a stream of luxurious yogurt will wash over your tongue. First, its tangy notes will wake up your palate. Then, its natural sweetness will come through in the clutch.

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